Join Tamela Rich for travel, history, culture, and lore from all 981 Miles of the Ohio River.
Welcome to The 981 ProjectListen now (6 min) | 2022 - Episode 1
And my motorcycle. Okay, not quite. Details here.
Started in the late 1700s by a Seneca man in the wake of the Whiskey Rebellion
Floodwalls as art and community pride
"Point of View" from Mt. WashingtonListen now | Who decides the names of wars? Did you know that America was "ground zero" for the very first world war in 1754?
Pittsburgh from the BluffListen now | Is Pittsburgh the Paris of Appalachia? Does that make you laugh? If so, why?
The 981 Project - Episode 3Listen now (4 min) | "Point of View" from Mt. Washington
I got the High Water BluesListen now | Eastern Kentucky's 1000-year flood took my motorcycle with it
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