Why You’ll Love The 981 Project

Did you ever live in the Ohio River Valley? The 981 Project will help you reconnect with your Midwestern roots.

Are you puzzled by this part of the country? We’ll frequently explore the importance of America’s longest slavery borderland, all 981 miles of it. This historical underpinning since 1787 shows up in unexpected ways today.

Want to be the most interesting person in the room? You’ll learn history, culture, geology, flora, fauna, scandals, and so much more on The 981 Project. With you in the room, conversations will never flag.

I narrate all my newsletters, so you can multitask while basking in all things 981 in the Substack app or on your favorite podcast network.

How often is this published?

Twice a month. The first week is a trivia quiz. The third week is a scintillating feature story on a person, place, or theme. I am not paywalling my work. Please subscribe (with or without $) and share my work with your friends.

Is this a travel blog?

Not exactly. Some editions will include lots of travel resources—maps, itineraries, books, and websites—to help you explore the region from your armchair or the open road.

I’ve also lined up book and movie reviews, and reflections on how the region is depicted in a news story vis-à-vis my experience.

Guaranteed roadside kitsch

Yes, that picture below is me in the Ohio River town of Chester, West Virginia with the World’s Largest Teapot. The 981 Project will include lots of selfies like this one because if there’s anything I thrive on, it’s roadside kitsch!

Tamela standing in front of the world's largest teapot in Chester, West Virginia

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