Welcome to The 981 ProjectListen now (6 min) | 2022 - Episode 1
Calling for Underground Railroad StopsListen now (5 min) | Official or not, I want a list of them all
Whom to Trust?Listen now (3 min) | Here's who I'm following for news in East Palestine, Ohio
Remember Dalton Trumbo of the infamous Hollywood 10? Trumbo did time for contempt of Congress in Ashland, and Bryan Cranston played him in the 2015…
I got the High Water BluesListen now | Eastern Kentucky's 1000-year flood took my motorcycle with it
Floodwalls as art and community pride
And my motorcycle. Okay, not quite. Details here.
Started in the late 1700s by a Seneca man in the wake of the Whiskey Rebellion
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